Licensed & Insured

Credibility and reliability will never be an issue at Orion. You are guaranteed a fully licensed, bonded and insured construction company. We assure ourselves to follow all the right procedures to minimize disruptions to your property and yourself. We pride ourselves in being in the business for over 30 years and holding ourselves accountable to the best standards for all clients.


Affordable Pricing

When in the process of hiring a construction company of any kind, pricing is often the decision factor. At Orion, we make sure to offer affordable prices to all our customers. We guarantee fair, competitive prices with high-quality work for any job you may request. Our company provides affordable decking and waterproofing services in the Los Angeles areas with superior craftsmanship every time.


Highly Skilled Team

Our team of waterproofing specialists offers unparalleled expertise to complete any job requested. We understand that the construction industry continuously evolves, where our team is always updated with the latest techniques and products. Our priority for each job is client satisfaction, and with our professional and reliable team, we deliver.



We realize that it can be difficult to fit a schedule with the most convenient timing for our clients. Our company strongly prioritizes adaptability in all projects. In other words, we will work at the times that work best for you, in the locations you decide. We strive to accommodate our client’s needs based on their projects to ensure customer satisfaction.


Orion Waterproofing & Remodel LLC

Orion Waterproofing & Remodel is a family-owned business with over 30 years of combined experience and knowledge in the waterproofing industry. Our company core values represent professionalism along with honesty and integrity in all contracted waterproofing projects. We offer a wide range of different waterproofing services, from commercial deck to below-grade waterproofing and other professional services. We value high quality work at affordable prices, and are available to provide you with a free estimate or answer any questions or general inquiries you might have. All our work is backed by warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact us today!


Committed to Quality

Our company believes in delivering a high level of excellence in our craftsmanship to customers throughout each project assigned to us. While we understand that each project is unique, our mission is to ensure all your needs are met from start to finish.



We understand your residence is a personal and private space, where our team is dedicated to providing optimal results and accustoming to your needs in all home-contracted projects.



We know your business or property is a major investment, which is why here at Orion Waterproofing & Remodel, we assure our work is of the highest quality for your satisfaction.